At 10:53Hrs, Companies 5, Rescue 2 (Mifflintown Hose Company #1), Ambulance 225-1 (Lack - Tuscarora EMS), MICU 15-1 (Port Royal EMS/Medic 1) and PSP (PA State Police) were dispatched to Tuscarora Town...
At 12:36Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Tell Township, Huntingdon County, 16103 Shade Valley Road, assisting Company 7 (East Waterford Fire) extinguishing hay bales on fire outside. Tanker 5 responde...
At 13:24Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Tuscarora Township, 14157 Route 75 South, assisting Company 7 (East Waterford Fire), 2 (Mifflintown Hose Co. #1), EMS 22 (Lack - Tuscarora EMS), and Medic 1 (P...
Thursday, June 30th, 2022
At 07:04Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Tuscarora Township, Route 35 South and Rich's Lane, assisting EMS 22 (Lack - Tuscarora EMS) with a Landing Zone. Engine 5 responded shortly after dispatch ...
Building Rental Info

**Page Under Construction**


We are working to update this page with building/grounds photos, information and pricing! 


Until that is able to be completed, please contact Cindy Gray at 717-436-2794 to discuss our Bingo/Social Hall Rental or our Old Coon Hunters' Club Grounds Rental!


**Old Coon Hunters' Club Grounds is NOT available for rentals after a certain point in Fall/Winter, please check dates with Cindy to see when/if available**


Thank You!

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