At 10:53Hrs, Companies 5, Rescue 2 (Mifflintown Hose Company #1), Ambulance 225-1 (Lack - Tuscarora EMS), MICU 15-1 (Port Royal EMS/Medic 1) and PSP (PA State Police) were dispatched to Tuscarora Town...
At 12:36Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Tell Township, Huntingdon County, 16103 Shade Valley Road, assisting Company 7 (East Waterford Fire) extinguishing hay bales on fire outside. Tanker 5 responde...
At 13:24Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Tuscarora Township, 14157 Route 75 South, assisting Company 7 (East Waterford Fire), 2 (Mifflintown Hose Co. #1), EMS 22 (Lack - Tuscarora EMS), and Medic 1 (P...
Thursday, June 30th, 2022
At 07:04Hrs, Company 5 was dispatched to Tuscarora Township, Route 35 South and Rich's Lane, assisting EMS 22 (Lack - Tuscarora EMS) with a Landing Zone. Engine 5 responded shortly after dispatch ...
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Founders of the BTFC
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Past Members of the BTFC
NameYear BornYear Deceased
J. D. McWilliams18971968
"Herb" Rice19041986
Milton "Dick" Schaeffer 18941988
Robert "Bob" Lindenberger19141992
Ronald "Ronnie" Palm19461994
John Foltz19261995
"Stoey" E. Lyter19301996
"Herb" Burd19121996
G. Dale Swartz19071999
Harvey "Deryl" Stong19492000
David "Dick" Milliken19212002
Jerome Moyer19152004
Paul Kell19182004
Jessie Moyer19242006
Charles "Charlie" Barton19132007
Dixie Hunter19412008
Dorthy "Dot" Barton19182010
Robert "Bob" Marshall19452011
Paul R. Lyter19212011
Harry "Bud" Moyer19242011
Wesley Hostetter19822013
James "Jim" Hunter19392016
Sam Kelley19262016
James "Jim" Milliken19592017
Harold "Ham" Robinson19302017
Kathryn Kell19222020

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